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Placing An Order
 Because all our knives are made to order, we ask that our customers contact us with the details of your request rather than offer "click options" on our site so we can provide the best & a more personalized service.

*  Order requests can be placed by phone, regular mail or email (preferred method for the fastest response).
    Please include the following information for efficient processing of your request:
    1.  Your name & mailing address. (Include a secondary address if merchandise is to be shipped to a different location).
    2.  Phone Number
    3.  Email address (important for fast correspondence)
    4.  List the knife model(s), quantities & options wanted (ex. blade finish, handle material, right or left hand sheath, etc.).
    5.  Include any other details or requests which are important to you.

*  We will respond to you inquiry or to confirm your order as soon as possible & can provide a total (including shipping costs
    and 6% PA Sales Tax where applicable) along with an estimated time frame your request can be completed. 

*  Should you like to proceed, all we need is your confirmation & your request will be scheduled on our work list. 
   NO deposit is ever required to place an order. (See Special Order Exceptions below)
   When your order comes up & we're ready to begin, you'll be contacted to re-confirm the order details before starting.

    Payment will only be arranged when an order is finished & ready to ship (unless a custom service or material is requested).
    Payment must be received within (14) days after we send you confirmation your order is finished & ready to ship. 
    Note: For orders which include a custom service or materials not offered as a std. option, payment in full is required when we
    are ready to start work on your order. In these special cases, we always schedule Special Orders to be finished & ready to ship
    within (2) weeks of receiving payment. This policy is simply to ensure we don't invest the time & get stuck with a knife that
    could be difficult for us to sell. 

    Accepted forms of payment include: Paypal, Money Orders, Certified & Personal Checks.
    Orders paid by personal check may incur a brief delay in shipment to permit sufficient time to clear your bank. 
    There is a service charge of $20.00 for any checks returned due to insufficient funds.

*  Customers are notified by email the day of shipment to let you know your order is on its way & to provide a Tracking#.
    All our knives sent to domestic locations are shipped by USPS Priority Mail, & fully Insured to protect against loss or damage in
    transit & will arrive with a signature required for secure delivery.

 David R. Beck, Knifesmith, LLC
 138 Elwyn Avenue
 Sinking Spring, PA 19608
 Ph# (610) 670-5319  (Hrs. Mon. - Fri. 9am-8pm EST)
 Email: drbeckknives@comcast.net
​*For the easiest correspondence & fastest reply please use our email address above for questions & when placing orders.
  We continue to experience frequent issues with our phone answering machine so emails are the best way to contact us.
  If you do call & get our answering machine gives our name, leave your name, location, phone number, the best day & time to
  return you call, & a brief message & we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
  Due to the huge amount of messages we receive please be aware that it could take a few days to receive a reply. We don't like
  delays either, but we're doing the best we can with our limited resources. 
We accept orders from many international customers with the following conditions:

1. Our knives will only be shipped to countries which permit delivery of these items. 
    Although we will do our best to determine the legality of our items, it is the
    customers responsibility to research & know their own laws before ordering. We will
    not be held responsible for delivery complications or seisure by your customs office.
2. Because we are a legally registered business & manufacturer, we must by law, to
    avoid possible penalties & fines, declare actual item descriptions & full sale value on
    all customs forms. Please don't ask us to declare less.
3. International orders are shipped by USPS Express Mail Intl. or Global Express Mail,
    which ever provides the best service to your location & permits full insurance 
4. International orders are shipped at the customers risk. By placing an order, the
    customer assumes all risk involving loss of merchandise, customs confiscation as well
    as complying with their laws. If customs should confiscate or return the merchandise
    to us, the customer is liable for all shipping charges, including any return shipping
    charges incurred. 
    All items entering a foreign country are subject to customs inspection and the
    assessment of duties and taxes in accordance with that country's laws. The buyer
    is responsible for any VAT, customs, duty or other taxes and fees upon delivery. The
    total amount or your order only includes our shipping costs.
    The cost of return shipping for any package returned because of incorrect address or
    Customs denials will be charged to the customer. Shipping costs are not refundable
    for returned merchandise that was undeliverable for reasons not due to our error.     
5. To place an order the customer is being made aware that; despite precautions taken
     to assist safe shipment, international shipping involves risks. The customer agrees to
     assume responsibility for any and all loss in transit as an agreement of sale.
     Simply, we want to provide our international customers with the best service we can,
     but the safety & condition of your order is beyond my control once it leaves our
     country. If shipping insurance can be applied, claims for lost or damaged
     merchandise can be lengthy and international customers will only be compensated
     after we receive payment from the carrier service.     
6. International orders must be paid by either PayPal, International Money Order, or
    Certified check drawn on a U.S. Bank. Depending upon the shipping location, we
    reserve the right to determine the type of payment we'll accept for foreign orders.
    *Payment by Paypal: For foreign shipments, we will only ship to mailing addresses
     which are "Verified & Comfirmed" by Paypal so please be sure your account is
     updated to avoid complications & delays.
    All payment amounts must be made in U.S. Dollars only.  
    NOTE: Please be aware that international payments can sometimes incur a brief
    delay in shipping to allow sufficient time to clear payment. No credit cards or
    personal checks of any kind are presently accepted.
7. RETURN POLICY FOR FOREIGN ORDERS: Our (14) day money-back satisfaction
    guaranty applies to foreign orders with the exception to shipping cost refunds. Due
    to the high cost for foreign shipments, shipping costs are not refundable for foreign
    returns. Please refer to our TERMS, CONDITIONS & WARRANTY page for 
    complete details.