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​Our Hunting, Trail, Survival & Bushcrafting Knives 
​    Due to high demand & our methods of manufacture, all knives listed on this page are made-to-order & typically not available for immediate purchase. Any in-stock knives will be listed on our "Finished Knives For Sale" page as they become available. 

​Refer to our "Home" page for details on how we craft our knives, & our "Order Information " page to know how to best place an order & other important details regarding the order process.

                       *For information regarding our WSK knives, please refer to our "WSK Knives" page for more details.
    All knives listed below come std. with the blade finish & Micarta handle color or your choice. A right hand blk. molded
 leather sheath in "Basic" configuration is included. Other available options are listed at the bottom of the page. 

 DIMENSIONS: Blade thickness = Measured at the thickest cross-section of blade. 
                            Blade length = Measured from  the shoulder plunge line nearest the handle to the point.
                            OAL (Overall Length) = Distance from the butt to point. 
                            Carry Weight = Includes knife w/sheath. Actual weight will vary with the handle material selected.
#BK027  HIDESCRAPER:  Fasten to the end of a short stick by
               screws or lashing. Used for "dry-scraping" a hide prior
               to brain-tanning. 
               Also useful for scraping out coal-burned wooden bowls &
               spoons or as an emergency ulu knife. Some have even
               used these as an improvised hatchet.
               Blade-only (handle & screws shown not included). 
               Made from differentially hardened/tempered 01 tool steel,
               beveled on top side only, fully sharpened & ready for use.  
               Comes with protective leather pouch for safe storage.
               1/8 x 1-1/2 x 4-1/4"  Carry weight = 4 oz.
               Price: = $25.00 + 8.30 shipping (for up to 12 scrapers).  

    *For information on our Tracker/WSK knives, see our "WSK KNIVES" page.
 We are presently taking orders for all knives on this page. 
Ordering Status:
#TDSERE6: 6" Trail Dog SERE
​3/16 x 6" blade. 11-1/2" OAL.
Differentially hardened & tempered w/convex-ground bevels for an extra tough blade. Tapered tang & handle design for positive grip.
Carry wt. = 20oz.    List Price = $525.00

*See 2019 July/August issue of 
  KNIVES ILLUSTRATED magazine for cover
  pic & full review by Kevin Estela.
​< Left: 
Our "Basic" sheath design that comes std. with all our knives.
Right hand black leather only.

*See below for more available sheath options.
Available Options

< Black Linen

< Green & Black 
​   Linen

< Green Linen

< Tan Linen
Available Micarta Handle Choices:
Made w/finely sanded & waxed finish.
Sheath Options:

< (Far Left): 
Ferro Rod Loop (3/8 x 1-1/2") = Add $20.00
                             Will fit most ferro rods that are at least 2" long & no
                             larger than 3/8" in diameter. Fits the LightMyFire
                             "Swiss Army Model" or Firesteel.com 4"
                             "Armageddon" perfectly. 
Lower leg tie/lashing holes w/brass eyelets = Add $15.00
                             (*Unlined holes are no extra charge.)

< (Middle & Right): 
Removable "Scout" Loops (front & rear views) two mounting holes required. For frontal cross-draw & horizontal behind-the-back carry. The new loop attachment design enables easier belt insertion & wider belt use. No Extra Charge for "scout" loops.
Sheath Options:  (Shown w/5-1/2" Trail Dog Knife)

Full-series of vertical mounting holes = No Charge

1" wide mounting straps (specify purpose) = No Charge

1" D-Rings for "scout" loop sling attachment = No Charge

Ferro Rod Loop (3/8 x 1-1/2") = Add $20.00

Lower leg tie/lashing holes w/brass eyelets = Add $15.00
 *Note: Mounting holes are used for attaching additional removable straps or bungi cord for securing add-on
  components & other gear. Mounting straps are free of charge upon request & come with blackened Chicago screws. 
  For the greatest versatility we recommend a full series of vertically-placed holes which consist of a row of holes
  spaced 1" apart running up the side of of the sheath plus two horizontal leg tie holes at the bottom. Mounting holes
  are unlined but nicely finished inside for ease of use. Leg tie holes can by upgraded by requesting hand-made brass
  eyelets ($15.00). Contact us is you need assistance & we'd be happy to discuss sheath modifications to configure a 
  set-up that'll best suit your needs.
Above:  Tang Types
(Top)  Distal-tapered tang
(Bottom)  Non-tapered tang
^ Above: Colored Tang Spacers:  Add $10.00
Available colors = White, Black or Red 
(1-color per handle)
(*NOTE: Blue no longer available)
(Above): #SS1  Adjustable Shoulder Strap
Made from 8' of 1" 4000 lb. safety-rated Sterling tubular climbers webbing. Fully adjustable w/nylon hardware, D-rings & easy detachable snap clips. The best way to carry a large knife while running or for easy removal. Disassemble & use the strap by itself as an emergency climbing aid or load-bearing strap. 
*Hardware not safety rated & must be removed prior to load-bearing use. Requires "Scout" loops installed on a sheath to use.  Carry Wt. 5 oz.     Price = $20.00
(Top) #TD500:  5" Trail Dog
5/32 x 5" Blade. 10-1/4" OAL.
Flat saber-ground bevels & tapered tang.
Carry wt. = 18oz.    List Price = $445.00

(Bottom) #TD475:  4-3/4" Trail Dog
(Top) #FGR500:  5" Forager
5/32 x 5" blade. 10-1/8" OAL.
Flat saber-ground bevels & tapered tang.
Carry wt. = 16oz.    List Price = $ 385.00

(Middle) #CMPS475:  4-3/4" Compass

(Bottom) #CBC425HD:  4-1/4" Classic Bushcraft
5/32 x 4-1/4" blade. 9-3/8" OAL.
Modified scandi-ground bevels w/micro-honed primary edge.
Carry wt. = 14oz.    List Price = $335.00
(Note: Older version shown. 2021 version made w/2-bolts instead of three)
(Top) #SC500:  5" Saranac
5/32 x 5" blade. 10-1/8" OAL.
Flat saber-ground bevels & tapered tang.
Cary wt. = 15oz.    List Price = $345.00

(Bottom) #SC400HD: 4" Saranac
This is our new "companion" knife for those wanting to add a smaller knife onto a WSK sheath for a 2-knife set to handle every task.
5/32 x 4" blade. 8-3/4" OAL.
Flat saber-ground bevels & tapered tang.
Carry wt. = 12oz.    List Price =- $315.00
^ (Pics Above): Click on thumbnails above to enlarge. 
#MP: Mounting Platform: (Available for #TDSERE6 6" Trail Dog SERE knives only)
          This one-piece wrap-around design is an alternate option to using multiple mounting straps. The benefit is
          a more rigid platform with a large, flat mounting surface which can be customized by the user to add slots or
          holes wherever needed to secure specialized gear. 
          The panel has integral "scout" loops for frontal cross-draw, or behind-the-back carry & will accept optional 
          D-rings for sling attachment (shown above). It is also compatible with a ferro rod loop as shown.
          A full-series of vertical mounting holes must be added to the the sheath.
          Adds 3oz. to sheath.  Price = $60.00
#MMP: Modular Mounting Platform
Panel mounted on a #TDSERE6 sheath. Shown w/full-series of mounting holes, optional removable D-rings & ferro rod loop.
Panel mounted on a #TDSERE6 sheath. Shown w/full-series of mounting holes, optional removable D-rings & ferro rod loop.
Panel mounted on a #TDSERE6 sheath. Shown w/full-series of mounting holes, optional removable D-rings & ferro rod loop.
Panel mounted on a #TDSERE6 sheath. Shown w/full-series of mounting holes, optional removable D-rings & ferro rod loop.
​*NOTE: This page is under construction. Over the next couple months we will be updating
               our web site to show latest knives, options & sheath upgrades for 2021.
               We expect to have this process completed by late March & thank you for your
               patience & understanding.   
All knives come with your choice of blade finish. 
In addition to the "Field-gray" finish shown on the above knife models, we also offer:

<(Top left) Wet-Sanded

< (Bottom left) Blued 

*Note: Blade finishes do not improve rust resistance.
  We recommend keeping the blades oiled, or better
  yet, waxed for those in wet or coastal environments.
#SP: Sharpening Stone Pouch
1/2 x 1 x 4" molded leather w/hvy. duty mil-spec snap closure.
Will fit a sharpening stone up to the above dimensions along with enough space for a ferro rod striker.  Requires two mounting straps or mounting panel on a sheath to secure. Comes with removable belt loop for separate carry. Carry wt. 3-1/2 oz.   Price = $85.00

​*(#FAP-14-T) 4 x 1 x 3/8-1/2" hard Arkansas pocket stones can be
  purchased from danswhetstone.com