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Magazines Articles Written About Our Knives
July/August 2019 issue. "SERE Hound" by Kevin Estela. An in depth review of our 6" Trail Dog SERE knife.
RECOIL Magazine: 
January 2016 Issue# 23 (Pages 156 -162) "Nothin' But A "G" Thang" by Kevin Estela
                                An in-depth review of our new model "G" light weight WSK knife w/BK018 Scout &new sheath system.
Vol. 13 #6 1992 Nov/Dec. Issue. "Superior Knives For The Backcountry" by Dan Shechtman
                                                       Shows my White Wolf Stalker, Lg. Bowie & B3 (mistakenly labelled as a model "C" Tracker).
Vol. 19 #4 1998 July/Aug. Issue. "The Hudson Bay Camp Knife" by Dan Shechtman. (Shows one of my Hudson Bay knives).
Vol. 20 #2 1999 Mar/Apr. Issue. " The Iceman's Survival Kit" by Dan Shechtman. (Shows my Pathfinder & Copperhead #1 knives).
Vol. 36 #1 2015 Jan/Feb. Issue. "Backwoods Knives and Old-Timey Wisdom" by Dan Schectman. (Review of our Pine Creek knife). 
Spring 1995 Issue. "The Survival Tracker" by Dan Shechtman. (Features my TRACKER knife).
Spring 1996 Issue. "Survival Knives Of The Green Berets" by Bernard Barr. (Knives used by Special Forces S.E.R.E. instructors).
November 1997 Issue. " "Trail & Camp Classics" by Dan Shechtman. (Shows our Timberwolf & Pine Creek Woodcrafter).
Nov/Dec. Issue. "A Pack Of Their Own" 
                            A feature article & statement by wilderness survival & tracking expert Tom Brown, Jr. on items he would never
                            leave home without. Our "BECK" TRACKER knife is mentioned along with a photo of the knife.
BLADE Magazine:
Apr. 2003 Issue. "The TRACKER Steals The Show" 
                             (Although this article focuses on "The HUNTED" movie, & the TOPS/Tom Brown tracker knife version being
                             falsely marketed as the knife used for the film, the real "TRACKER" knife used by Benicio Del Toro & made by us
                             is mentioned later in the article as the knife used in the film).
FIR-FISH-GAME Magazine:  
Sept. 2005 Issue. "The Nessmuk Woodsman's Knife"  by Dan Shechtman.  (Shows our Sinnemahoning knife).
  See Our Knives On Film & TV
2003 Paramount Pictures "The HUNTED"
         Our model "C" Gen1 TRACKER/WSK knife is used by Benicio Del Toro.

2015 Discovery Channel's survival series "ALONE" filmed on Vancouver Island, BC Canada
         Our Model "G" Gen2 WSK is used by Dustin Feher during his participation in this highly popular survival TV presentation.