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"Wilderness-The Adventurers' Companion" 
   Deep within the soul of every outdoorsman lies a void that must be filled by the experience of "wilderness". Unshackled freedom to roam & explore natures secrets. Freedom from the restraints of modern society & the thrill of adventure in seeking new horizons & uncharted territory surges the adrenaline so we experience the most from life many take for granted. 
   The urge to see what lies over the next mountain, the end of a trail, or awaits at the source of some distant river. The need to feel the raw power of the wind, or the rumbling of thunder from a rock covered peak. The purity of a mountain stream or the serenity of a canoe parting waters of a misty northwoods lake. The yelp of the coyote. The stirring midnights' scream of the bobcat. The earie evening calls of the loon & the echoing bellow of the moose. The emerald passages of the deepest jungle to the crystalline treasures of the desert. The feel of smooth walnut on a fine rifle during an early mornings' hunt, or that last waves' salty breath as your kayak breaks free into the gently rolling expanse of limitless waters. The elegance of meditation, induced by the singing of fine blade steel on a well oiled stone by the crackle of a late nights' campfire. The excitement of fear from challenging the unknown.
   "Wilderness", is as diverse as each mans' experience of it. But to all, it is something we cannot live without. It is part of our soul & essential as the blood running through our veins. Without, life lacks adventure & we stagnate as a pool of water which ceases to flow.
   "Wilderness", brings us meaning, purpose, & tests who we are. At times, we experience it passively. At others, we live on the edge of its dangers. Whether we walk softly on its path, or seek the rush of the "adventure junkie", its way forces us to live, makes us more aware & better as men. 
   Whenever I feel lost, & my spirit surges for the primal heartbeat & purpose, I reach for my knife. It is a good knife. It has been my sole & constant companion on many of these ventures. Always by my side & dependable as any friend could.
As I, it shows the marks & wear of lifes' experiences, & the simple caress of its stained blade & trail-worn handle immediately fill my soul with the warm, comforting memories of past adventures that take me back to where I belong................"WILDERNESS".

                                                                             David R. Beck