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    ​Whether you're a novice outdoorsman or a seasoned adventurer living life on the edge, your journey has just led you to some of the highest quality, field-proven  knives you can depend upon to get you to your farthest destination and back.

​  Above pic: 
Late 1990's Vintage Model "C" Gen2 TRACKER Knife
with discontinued Trademark stamping. 
Shown For Collectors Reference Only.
Model "C" TRACKER/WSK Knife
David R. Beck, designer & maker of the Original "TRACKER" knife seen and used in the 2003 Paramount Pictures Film "The HUNTED", starring Benicio Del Torro & Tommy Lee Jones. 
*Now called the "WSK" (Wilderness Survival Knife) 

Note: The term "WSK" now used by many, was first coined by this maker.
The Original BECK "WSK" Knife. Copied by many, Equalled by None.
The Finest In Bushcraft, Survival & Special Purpose Cutlery & Tools
  For The Serious Backwoods Adventurer & Wilderness Professional
​About Us
    As lifelong students & practitioners of wilderness survival/bushcrafting skills, along with over thirty years of crafting knives for outdoor & military communities world-wide, our combined experience in the field & knife shop has enabled us to produce truly world class cutlery to address the demands of the discriminating knife connoisseur to the outdoor professional who requires knives that will deliver unyielding performance & dependability you can stake you life on. Our customer commitment & "no-compromise" attitude in how we craft our knives has earned us a stellar reputation as one of the finest makers of survival/bushcrafting knives today.
    Our knives have been time-proven from the fields of combat to the most remote wilderness areas on earth. Due to their high level of craftsmanship & investment quality, our knives are not only favored by collectors, but will also be found in the hands of weekend woodsmen, historical re-enactors, world adventurers & explorers, professional hunters & survival/bushcrafting instructors, Search & Rescue, law enforcement & Elite Military from all over the world & have been seen on television to major motion picture film. 
    If you've been searching for that one really special knife give us a try. Once you've experienced the pleasure, you'll wonder why you've deprived yourself for so long. Our knives are simply made to be some of the best in the world. They are a proven investment for collectors, dependable performers in the field, & are a worthy family heirloom to be passed down to your next generation as they find their path in the forest.   
​About Our Knives
 Unless otherwise noted, all "BECK" branded knives come std. with the following features:

* Every knife is made exclusively by David R. Beck himself.

* Entirely crafted here in the USA at our custom knife shop using "old-School" hands-on methods from the blade, specialized in-house heat
   treatment to the sheath. Even our saw teeth are hand cut using files. No work is outsourced & you won't find anything "made in China" here.

* We use only the best raw materials available & compromise no detail to ensure the highest attention to design, quality, feel, fit & finish for the
    ultimate in customer satisfaction.

* The Blade: Crafted exclusively from 01 high carbon tool steel for resilience, superior edge retention & ease of sharpening in the field.
   Blade thickness is carefully selected to optimize the best combination of strength to cutting efficiency.
   Blade bevels are hand-ground & will vary from full flat, flat saber, true Scandi, modified scandi, or convex depending upon the knife's design
   & intended use. Each type has its merits & disadvantages  but are selected wisely for the best strength & performance per design. Blades grind
   types are specific to the knife model & to ensure optimum performance & safety thus changes are not an available customer option. 
   Additional details regarding bevel types are addressed in a knife's description. 

* Heat Treatment: A true skill & art form, all blades are differentially hardened & tempered "in-house" for a hard edge & soft back. The hardened
   zone follows the curvature of the edge & extends partially into the tang rather than treating the entire blade. Varying by model & design, the
   hardened portion of our blades runs from about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way from the cutting edge up to the spine & about 1/4 to 1/3rd of the blade
   length from the point back towards the handle. We leave sharp 90 degree edges along the spine within this tempered zone so the back of the
   knife can be used as a ferro rod striker. The remainder of the spine being softer & less efficient for sparking is lightly de-burred to be less 
   abrasive on the thumb during extended carving work. 
   NOTE: Our selection of blade steel, proper thickness & grinds along with our specialized heat treatment produces the perfect balance between
                materials, design & application to deliver optimum strength, edge retention & resilience along with an increased level of stress tolerance
                to lessen the risk of blade damage & failure when employed to the limits of the knife's recommended use which also provides a better
                safety margin for the user. This is an area often over looked by many makers today but a feature that's very important to us & many of
                our professional customers who demand a knife they can count on to go the distance.
                Our differential heat treatment produces a distinct temper line, although this is not readily visible on our newly finished blades. As the 
                blade "ages" & develops a patina from contact with plant & animal fats & acids through use, the temper line will become much more
                pronounced & add an eye-pleasing touch demonstrating its unique character. This characteristic will become most visible on our blades
                that have a satin finish applied. 

* All our blades are hand-honed on a fine oil stone followed by stropping to produce a polished edge & will arrive extremely sharp & ready for
   the field right out of the box.

* Tangs: Most of our knives utilize full tang construction, meaning the tang will be visible all around the handle for strength & the greatest handle
   support. Some knives come std. with tapered tangs which start at full thickness just forward of the handle & thin down as the tang nears the
   butt. This feature is typically used on heavier, thicker-bladed knives to improve balance, handling, & control but also serves to reduce carry 
   weight without any compromise in strength. For knives that don't benefit from this feature we typically leave the tangs non-tapered 
   (full- thickness), but tapered tangs may be requested (at an extra cost) for those who prefer that "custom" look.
   Internal Tangs; are used on our knives that are occasionally offered with leather washer or similarly designed handles which require a hidden
   tang. In this case we use what can best be termed as a "bar-type" tang. This type of tang is wider & exhibits greater strength & support than
   the "stick-type" tangs used by many & will offer nearly the same degree of strength as our full-tanged knives. 

* Blade Finish: 
   Satin; Our std. finish, is a fine silvery but low reflective finish. Laboriously applied by wet-sanding to 320 grit followed by hand rubbing with
              with a scotch bright pad. The easiest to maintain. Should discoloration or rust occur, simple maintenance will restore without fear of
              harming the blade.
   Blued; A combination of chemical bluing agents applied over a satin finish produces a dark blue to black appearance & s available on any knife
               upon request.
NOTE: None of our finishes will inhibit corrosion or staining. Oiling or waxing the blade is recommended for surface protection & all knives are
             shipped pre-coated to protect the finish while in transit. This protective coating should be removed prior to using our knives for food
             preparation but should be maintained when stored or used in the field. 

* THE HANDLE: All our handles are permanently secured with epoxy & Loveless bolts & are guaranteed never to loosen under normal use.
   Each is ergonomically contoured for an incredibly comfortable feel & positive grip. We offer a wide variety of handle materials to select from
   with Micarta being the best for durability in all environments & conditions. Natural hardwoods receive an oil/wax finish to bring out the
   deepest beauty & aide in the protection of the material, while Micarta can be requested either highly polished, or unpolished (finely sanded &
   the most popular) for a more subdued appearance & slightly less slippery feel.  
   When used, stacked leather washer handles are stabilized for moisture resistance & added durability.
    Unless otherwise noted, all knives are made std. with lined lanyard holes large enough to accommodate a "550" cord. 

* THE SHEATH: All our knives come with sheaths crafted from specially selected black bridle leather, wet-molded for a glove-like fit, double
   stitched with strong nylon thread, riveted in high stress areas as needed & complimented with a special oil/wax finish inside & out for increased
   durability, water resistance & long wear. Sheaths are available in right or left hand orientation but come in black leather only.
NOTE: Most of our knives come with a std. type sheath design that incorporates a generous belt loop for vertical side-carry only, although some
             knives may be available with optional "scout" loops (upon request) for those who require greater versatility & who would also like to be
             able to carry their knives cross-draw on the front, or horizontally behind-the-back. 
            WSK knives are available with your choice of several sheath styles so they can be carried alone, or with the addition of an accessory knife
             (BK018 Scout) among other possible options.
             All sheaths can be ordered with an optional ferro rod loop sewn into the welting (extra cost). These are 3/8 x 1-1/2" & will accommodate
             most commercial ferro rods. (At this time we don't presently sell ferro rods).

* Pics of handle materials along with more details on available options can be viewed on our "Options & Services" page.

* Customer Service: Excellent before & after-sale customer service with personal attention to all emails & phone calls by David R. Beck himself.

* A Limited Lifetime Warranty comes with all our new knives.

* Knife care, maintenance, use & safety info is included with every order. *For your safety, all information should be read in full prior to
   handling your new knife.

Our Vintage 1999 Catalog Cover
Our Vintage 2001 Catalog Cover
 Due to the increased volume of orders & wait time for our knives that has developed in recent years, until further notice we are no longer taking requests for custom work, materials or services not specifically listed on our web site. We will be restricting our business to only making the knives & offering the options shown at this time.

We are now working hard to standardize our knife line & options to not only ensure our customers receive our finest, but also as an effort to develop a more efficient manufacturing process without any compromise in quality. This is a difficult hurtle for one person to tackle but it's time to look ahead & make the necessary changes in order to provide a better service & even higher quality products. Over the first half of 2016 our customers will notice changes occurring & it is our hope & intention that these changes will make our knives more available & greatly reduce the wait time down the road. A few knives will be discontinued while a few will be added. A lot of work is going into our new designs for unlike the past, we intend to keep these available for a long time to come. Thank you for your understanding.

Estimated current wait time for our knives once an order is placed (As of Jan.2016):
WSK knives = 20-24 months.
All other knives = 10-14 months.
We complete knife requests in the order in which they are received to the best of our ability. Although we understand our customers are eager to receive their knives & sympathize with your long wait, we deeply thank you for your patience & you can rest assured to know we are always working very hard to get to your order as soon as possible. The best of things sometimes take time & we promise your knife is worth the wait. Should a knife matching the specs of your request become available sooner
due to a cancellation, you can be sure we'd led you know of it's availability. 

  We no longer produce printed catalogs that can be sent by mail, but now advertise through this website only.
Orders can be placed by phone or email at: drbeckknives@comcast.net   
Please feel free to call or email should you have any questions. We always look forward to assisting our customers any way we can. When calling, please be considerate of our phone hours & time difference. If there's no answer we may be out in the shop so leave a clear message, phone number & the best time to return your call & we will respond ASAP.
We have been receiving an overwhelming amount of emails which we love to address, but as we still must get knife work done that takes us away from the office, please understand I will personally respond as soon as possible although sometimes it may take a few days to receive a reply. We are working to remedy this situation also.  

     Recently it's come to our attention that there are other active web sites (out of CHINA & other foreign locations)
     who have started web address with "BECK knives" or the BECK name incorporated to lure unknowing buyers.
     These are all scammers or sell poor quality knives. We have no association nor conduct any business with
     any foreign companies to sell our knives & we've been plagued by these "criminals" over the past year
     trying to rip us & our customers off. This web site is the only true location & source for knives produced by
     David R. Beck which are made in the USA. All others are forgeries or scammers. When in doubt on a knife that's
     being sold by someone here in the US, feel free to contact us & we would be happy to verify the authenticity of the
     knife in question & would even provide you with names of reputable sellers of our knives. Any foreign emails or
     web sites should be avoided & we will not verify the authenticity of knives coming from those sources.