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    ​Whether you're a novice outdoorsman or seasoned adventurer living life on the edge, your journey has just led you to some of the highest quality, field-proven  knives you can depend upon to get you to your farthest destination and back.
​(Above pic): 
Late 1990's Vintage Model "C" Gen2 TRACKER Knife
with discontinued Trademark stamping. 
Shown For Collectors Reference Only.
David R. Beck, designer & maker of the Original "TRACKER" Wilderness Survival Knife used by Benicio Del Toro in the 2003 Paramount Pictures Film "The HUNTED". 
Now referred to as the "WSK" (Wilderness Survival Knife)
The Original BECK "WSK" Knife. Copied by many, Equalled by None.
The Finest In Bushcraft, Survival & Special Purpose Cutlery For The Serious Backwoods Adventurer & Wilderness Professional.
David R. Beck Knives, proudly designed & hand-crafted in the U.S.A.
​About Us:
​About Our Knives:
Our Vintage 1999 Catalog Cover
Our Vintage 2001 Catalog Cover
 The catalog covers shown above are for historical reference only.
 We no longer offer copies of printed catalogs. All information on our knives is now posted on our web site.
​ To view our current knife line, please refer to our "Custom Knife Line" & "WSK Knives" pages for more   details & pics of all the knives we offer. In-stock knives available for immediate purchase can be viewed   on our "Finished Knives For Sale" page.
Knife models & options may change without notice, but we make every attempt to keep our site updated as possible.
Orders placed prior to 2021 which await completion may include knife models & options not currently shown but 
will still be completed to the specs. of the original order unless otherwise requested by the customer. 
Customers will be contacted shortly before we're ready to start work at which time you will have an opportunity to make any last-minute changes if needed.

Due to the high demand for our knives, and an effort to provide a more efficient service to our customers, the following policies are in effect: 
1. We now only accept orders for knife models & options currently listed on this web site at this time.
2. We are not accepting requests for custom modifications, design alterations, materials, or other features & services
     not listed as an available option.
3. Due to limited manufacturing ability & demand, knives are typically not in stock for immediate purchase but are made-to-order. Feel free to inquire on present wait times if you'd like to know before placing your order.
4. Any knives that are available for immediate sale will be listed on our "Finished Knives For Sale" page.
5. We no longer make knives or sheaths from customer's designs, & do not work on, or make sheaths for knives
    produced by other makers. 
5. We limit the number of orders we accept per year. Once our schedule is full we may temporarily stop taking new
    orders until our schedule becomes more manageable. Updates on availability can be viewed on our knife pages.
6. WE ONLY SHIP TO DESTINATIONS IN THE USA. Due to ongoing problems with all carriers not taking
    responsibility & ensuring safe delivery of knives sent abroad, we had to temporarily stop shipping to all destinations
    outside of the USA. We will post an update here when it's safe for us to resume shipping to foreign destinations.
    Foreign customer requests are welcome, but they must include a USA-based phone number & mailing address we
    can ship to, to place an order. 
    *Exception: We do ship to US Military personnel stationed abroad who provide an Overseas Military Mail address.
    (For more information regarding foreign orders, refer to our "Order Information" page.
    We are a small, full-time knife shop who specialize in hand-crafting professional-grade cutting tools.
David R. Beck, owner & sole craftsman, is a lifelong student of aboriginal survival-living/bushcrafting skills and a trained machinist/toolmaker. Prompted by the desire for self-sufficiency & to obtain dependable tools for the field that offered practical, yet efficient features rarely addressed by large-scale cutlery manufacturers, Dave began learning the trade of blade/knifemaking at an early age. Our original knife shop opened in 1991 producing specialty cutting tools primarily for survival schools & outdoor enthusiasts during which time our TRACKER Wilderness Survival Knife first became available to the public.

    Drawing from many years of experience in the field & knife shop, we've developed an intimate understanding & education of knife design, ergonomics, materials, & manufacturing methods essential to crafting cutting tools that excel in the field. Over time this earned us a stellar reputation for quality & the dependable performance of our knives. Our education & constant commitment to improve our products never stops. We routinely work closely with survival experts & Elite military from around the world who evaluate our knives to ensure ever knife & option we offer will meet, or exceed the performance standards required by professional users.
    You'll find our knives being used by outdoorsmen of all types from all around the world & for good reason, we place a lot of care & pride in the work we do to offer knives that are the perfect choice for anyone looking to step up to a professional-grade tool that's not just a pleasure to use, but one that they can depend upon to get them to their farthest destination & back with confidence.
    Although best known as the actual designer/maker of the Original TRACKER (Model "C" Gen1) Wilderness Survival Knife (WSK) used by Benicio Del Toro in the 2003 Paramount Pictures film the "HUNTED", we also offer many other more traditionally-styled knives to fit everyone's needs.

    Whether you're searching for a tool for our next deployment, a dependable knife for survival, camp or trail use, or just want something special to carry on your next moose hunt, the selection of one our knives will certainly become a highlight of your experience. Once you've tried one of our knives you'll wonder why you deprived yourself for so long.
    David R. Beck personally fabricates every knife & we're very proud to say everything is made right here in the USA.
Every stage of the knife & sheath-making process is done here at our knife shop completely by hand using only the finest of materials. From the shaping of the steel, hand-cut saw teeth, & flawless mating of materials, to the flame-hardening & final honing of our blades, ever aspect reflects a level of perfection that only strict attention to detail, care in one's work, & years of experience can produce. The end result is a tool that possesses a unique personality, feel & level of performance that seemingly comes alive in the user's hands, instilling confidence, & making our knives so much more pleasurable to use.
Std. Knife Features:
​*Practical, yet efficient designs, proportioned & ergonomically correct for the most comfortable feel & positive grip.
*Field-proven by professionals & wilderness experts world-wide to ensure each knife will meet, or exceed your
*Blade thickness & bevel types are selected for optimum performance & strength for each knife's intended purpose.
*01 high carbon tool steel blades are differentially hardened & tempered with a soft spine & harder edge for
  resilience, strength, excellent edge-holding & ease of sharpening in the field. All blades are hand-honed then
  stropped to an extremely sharp edge & are ready for the field right from the box.
*Saw teeth (Used on Tracker/WSK knives only), designed after the efficient tooth design used on "Swiss Army"
  knives, are hand-cut with files, tempered, & will cut on both the pull & push stroke. The open tooth design
  combined with vibration during use assists self-cleaning to reduce binding & encourage aggressive cutting of "V"
  grooves or deep square notches.
*Blade finishes available include: "Wet-Sanded" for a classic look & ease of maintenance, "Blued" for a more subdued,
  darkened appearance, or "Field-Gray", blued then lightly buffed with the look of aged pewter.
  All blades are shipped well-oiled for rust resistance.
*Full Tang construction for added strength. Blade steel is visible all-around the handle. Heavier tangs are tapered to
  improve balance & handling, while thinner tangs not benefitting from this feature are non-tapered to save
  unnecessary customer expense.
*Micarta is the std. handle material as it's nearly indestructible, maintenance-free, & adds a nice accent to our knives.
  Handle scales are finely-sanded then waxed to enhance material color & produce a more subdued appearance
  while promoting a slightly better grip. All handles are secured with epoxy & very strong Loveless bolt fasteners.
  Stainless steel lined lanyard holes come std. on all knives.
*Sheaths come with every knife & are wet-molded from black leather for a glove-like fit, double-stitched,
  & complimented with a special waxed finish. All std. sheaths are configured for vertical side-carry only with no
  other features, but upon request all can be modified to include additional options to increase versatility & modes of
  carry (Refer to our knife pages for more details).
*All knives come with a 5-day money-back satisfaction guaranty & Limited Lifetime Warranty.
*All correspondence is addressed by Mr. Beck personally to ensure our customers receive professional assistance.