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    ​Whether you're a novice outdoorsman or a seasoned adventurer living life on the edge, your journey has just led you to some of the highest quality, field-proven knives you can depend upon to get you to your farthest destination and back.


​  Above pic: Late 1990's Vintage Model "C" Gen2 TRACKER Knife
  With Discontinued Trademark Stamping. Shown For Collectors Referrence Only.
Model "C" TRACKER/WSK Knife
               All Our Knives Are Proudly Handcrafted In The U.S.A.
David R. Beck, designer & maker of the Original "TRACKER" knife seen and 
used in the 2003 Paramount Pictures Film "The HUNTED", starring Benicio Del Torro & Tommy Lee Jones. *Now called the "WSK" (Wilderness Survival Knife) 

Note: The term "WSK" now used by many, was first coined by this maker.
The Original BECK "WSK" Knife. Copied by many, Equalled by None.
Welcome to the home of David R. Beck Knifesmith LLC;
      If You're searching for the finest in wilderness survival/bushcrafting knives, 
                                  you're journey has just led you to the destination of every woodsman's dreams.
The Finest In Bushcraft, Survival & Special Purpose Cutlery & Tools
  For The Serious Backwoods Adventurer & Wilderness Professional
​About Us
    Throught our adventures we have found the knife to be an indispensable tool. Often being the only item by our side, our knives have been depended upon to provide food, make shelter & other tools, offer protection & comfort on those lonely nights while far off the beaten path, and more than once a savior of life. Aside from well practiced skills, we have found the knife to be the single most important & relied upon asset one could carry with them into the wilds. As dedicated life-long students & practitioners of wilderness survival/bushcrafting skills, it has thus become our obsession to craft the absolute best knives & tools that will deliver the highest level of performance serious outdoorsmen like ourselves require in the field.
    With over fourty years of "dirt-time" studying & practicing wilderness living & survival skills, nearly as long designing & crafting custom knives, along with many years of feedback received from our ongoing relationships within military, survival/bushcrafting & outdoor adventurer circles from around the world who have been putting our knives to use, our extensive experience has enabled our knives to evolve into truely world-class tools that exhibit the highest degree of performance, remarkably comfortable feel, and unsurpassed quality for the discriminating user. Whether you need a knife you can stake your life upon, whittling sticks around the campfire, or dresing your moose kill, you can be assured our knives will deliver optimum performance for the task. 
    If your skill level has eclipsed the limitations of your gear, are one who just can't settle for anything less than the best, or your occupational need demands the absolute finest that won't let you down, our knives are guaranteed to exceed your expectations and will provide you with a lifetime of dependable service on any adventure your journey leads you.

    Although predominantly known for being the actual designer & maker of the "TRACKER" (WSK) wilderness survival knife seen & used by Benicio Del Toro in the 2003 Paramount Pictures movie "The HUNTED", our knives will also be found in the hands of hikers, campers & historical re-enactors to professional hunters, explorers, survival experts, law enforcement & Search & Rescue personel, celebrites and even our own elite Special Forces & Navy SEALS. Our knives have been time proven from the fields of combat to the backwoods camp kitchen. If you're an adventure-bound outdoorsman & are ready for something very special, then try out one of our knives. Once you do you'll discover why we've gained such a stellar reputation as one of the finest & most trusted makers of bushcrafting, survival & backwoods work  knives in the world, and you'll wonder why you've deprived yourself for so long.
​About Our Knives
    We are very "old-school" in how we craft our knives. We don't employ any mass-production equipment or outsourcing & you won't find anything made in China here. We are proud to say every one of our products are entirely made by the hands of skilled native craftsmen & all of our "BECK" branded knives are individually hand-crafted here in our custom shop in the USA exclusively by David R. Beck himself. The only things we don't make "in house" are the screws, fasteners & sheath hardwear which we purchase from US manufactures to save cost.
    Our hands-on method of crafting knives may be slow & referred to as rather "primitive" by modern standards, but this enables us to retain a very close relationship with our work so quality, fit & finish, attention to detail & dependable performance in the field can be pushed to the highest degree possible. We use only the best materials from premium high carbon steel & the finest handle materials to the highest grade bridle leathers that are specially processed for molding & tough wear. Heat treating is an art & it is done here by hand & with a skilled eye. Even our saw teeth are hand cut using files. When we say hand-made, we mean it. We invest the strictest attention to quality & guaranty your knife will arrive with an extremely sharp edge ready for the field from the moment it arrives.
    We place such care into the crafting of our knives that some claim they have souls as they feel alive in the hands of the user. We'll, although that experience we often hear may be an exageration of our very pleased customers, we can say that the real magic may just be the heart, sweat & sometimes blood we invest into the skillful crafting of our knives, but only you can be the judge of that. One thing for sure, when you purchase a knife from us you're not just getting a tool but a work of art & one that's designed to cut & outperform the "common" knife. It'll give you great pleasure to use, a lifetime of reliable service, and are a worthy family heirloom to be passed down to your next generation as they discover their own path in the forest.  
       All Our Knives Are Made With The Following Standard Features:​  

  *  All "BECK" knives are entirely MADE IN THE USA here at our shop so you're supporting AMERICAN craftsmen.

  *  The Blade:
          All our blades are crafted exclusively from 01 high carbon tool steel w/flat-ground bevels & are differentially hardened & tempered for a hard, tough cutting edge & soft
      back. The hardened zone of our blades follow the curvature of the edge rather than treating the entire knife. Varying by model & design, the hardened portion of our blades
      extends about 1/2 way up from the edge to the spine, and typically runs from about 1/4 to 1/3rd of the way back from the point to the handle. We leave sharp 90 degree
      edges within this temper zone on the spine so it can be used to cast a good shower of sparks from a ferro rod. The remainder of the blade's back being soft and not efficient
      for sparking, is lightly deburred to eliminate thumb abrasion while carving. For optimum ferro rod sparking we recommend our dedicated ferro rod stikers. 
          Our combination of top-notch knife steel, well executed design, and specialized method of heat treatment creates the perfect balance between materials & application to
      achieve optimum performance in strength, sharpness & increased edge retention while exhibiting an ease of sharpening in the field. 
          Our blades are also designed to be very resilient for an increased level of safety. Due to our method of manufacture, our blades demonstrate greater shock absorbance,
      resiliance & stress tolorance with less risk of failure. This enables us the option to use thinner, lighter weight blades without any compromise in strength or performance. 
      You just won't find these qualities in cheaper, commercially-made knives that are mass-produced using other methods. There is something to be said about "you only get
      what you pay for". Our process is a very desirable feature for  those who, in the event of situational need, demand a tough, dependable blade that will better tolorate the
      upper limits of the knife's intended use, or for those who must travel light & be more selective on the gear they carry.
      While no knives are indestructable, it's nice to know that the extra measures we invest into our blades to deliver their most, can also help provide a safer product for our
          Unless otherwise noted, all our knives feaure full tang construction for added strength & handle support. Our tangs run the full length of the handle & are visible all the
      way around the handle. 
      Tapered tangs (listed with some knife models as the design allows), start at full thickness just forward of the handle & become thinner as the tang nears the butt end
      and are typically only used on our heavier-bladed knives to improve balance, control/handling & to lessen carry weight without any sacrifice in strength. 
      Knives which don't beneft from this feature are made with non-tapered tangs to reduce unnecessary customer cost.
      All our blades are hand-honed to a razor's edge on a whetstone prior to shipment so your new knife is ready for the field the day it arrives.

*    The Blade Finish:
      Satin: This is our std. finish. Most recommended & easiest to maintain. Laborously wet-sanded to a fine, very eye-pleasing appearance with lower glare.
                 The temper line created by our selective heat treat process may not be readily visible on our knives when new, but after some use & contact with animal fats & plant
                 acids, a nice patina will develop with the temper line becomming much more distinct on our satin finished blades as they "age" & develop character.
      Bluing: A chemical bluing applied over our satin finish produces a darker, more subdued appearance & is an available option for most knife models at an extra cost.
      Note: None of our blade finishes will inhibit corrosion or staining. It's recommended that our blades be kept well oiled or waxed for protection. All our knives are shipped 
                 pre-coated to help protect the finish while in transit. This protective coating should be removed prior to using our knives for food prep. 
                 Care, Maintenance, & recommended use instructions will be included with every purchase.

*    The Handle:
      All handles are permanently secured with epoxy & Loveless bolts & are guaranteed never to loosen. Each is ergonomically contoured to better fit the natural shape of the 
      hand for an incredibly comfortable feel & positive grip. In fact, one of the first things our customers typically comment on is how comfortable our handles are. 
      We offer a variety of handle materials to select from with Micarta being the best for all environments & conditions. Micarta handles can be ordered polished or unpolished
      (finely sanded) for a more subdued appearance & slightly less slippery grip. Natural hardwoods receive a lengthy oil/wax finish for added protection & to expose the deepest
      beauty of the material. 
      Unless otherwise noted, all our knives come std. with a lined lanyard hole & will accommodate a "550" cord.

*    The Sheath:
      All our knives come std. with our "Basic" style sheath that is hand-crafted from a heavy black bridal leather, wet-molded for a glove-like fit, double-stitched with strong
      nylon thread, riveted in high stress areas as needed & complimented with a special oil/wax finish inside & out for increased durability & water resistance & will provide
      many years of hard use & protection of our knives. 
      All our std. "Basic" sheaths are made with a single belt loop for vertical, side-carry only, can be ordered in either right or left hand orientation, & have a clean-looking
      appearance, but are designed with a wider welting enabling any sheath to be easily converted into a modular carry platform by requesting the addition of mounting holes.
      Mounting holes are a series of stratigically placed holes bored through the welting that will enable our sheaths to accept add-on & removable accessories such as
      "scout" loops, smaller sheaths, pouches & other options we offer at an extra cost. (See our "Options & Services" page for more details regarding the versatility &
      accessories that can be added). Sheaths are made in black leather only.

*    Options & Services:
      Many additional options & services are available to customize our knives to fit your special needs & desires. 
      Refer to our "Options & Services" page for more details. This page also contains info on upcomming products & the latest news from David R. Beck Knifesmith LLC.

*    Customer Service:
      Excellent before & after-sale customer service with personal attention to all emails & phone calls by David R. Beck himself.

*    A Limited Lifetime Warranty comes with all our new knives.

*    Information on knife care, maintenance, use & safety is included with every order. *For your safety, all information should be read in full prior to handling your new knife.
      (Although we believe our customers are the most intelligent folks out there or you wouldn't be on this site, our lawyers will still be pleased with us for adding this last note).

NOTICE:  Because our knives are so sought after & in such high demand, we have developed a rather long wating list for our
                  knives & lately have often found ourselves running behind schedual. In an effort to increase production
                  efficiency and reduce the wait time for our knives in the future without compromizing quality, until further notice
                  we have made the decision to institute the following policies to provide better service to our customers: 
* We will only be taking orders for knives that are currently listed on our web site.
* We will not be taking orders for any discontinued (retired) knife designs we've previously offered that are no longer listed, 
    but will continue to fill those requests that have been placed prior to the posting of this notice.
* We will not be taking orders for custom designs, modifications, materials, or services not listed as available options.
* We will be limiting knife designs, materials, options & services only to those which from our experience, we feel are the best.

    We realize we can't please everone & appologize but we're doing our best. Thank you for your understanding & support.
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