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    ​Whether you're a novice outdoorsman or a seasoned adventurer living life on the edge, your journey has just led you to some of the highest quality, field-proven  knives you can depend upon to get you to your farthest destination and back.

​  Above pic: 
Late 1990's Vintage Model "C" Gen2 TRACKER Knife
with discontinued Trademark stamping. 
Shown For Collectors Reference Only.
David R. Beck, designer & maker of the Original "TRACKER" knife seen and used in the 2003 Paramount Pictures Film "The HUNTED", starring Benicio Del Torro & Tommy Lee Jones. 
*Now called the "WSK" (Wilderness Survival Knife) 

Note: The term "WSK" now used by many, was first coined by this maker.
The Original BECK "WSK" Knife. Copied by many, Equalled by None.
The Finest In Bushcraft, Survival & Special Purpose Cutlery & Tools
  For The Serious Backwoods Adventurer & Wilderness Professional
​About Us
    As lifelong students & practitioners of wilderness survival/bushcrafting skills, along with over thirty years of crafting knives for outdoor & military communities world-wide, our combined experience in the field & knife shop has enabled us to produce truly world class cutlery that meets the demands of discriminating knife connoisseurs to the outdoor professional requiring knives that will deliver unyielding performance & dependability you can stake you life on. Our customer commitment & "no-compromise" attitude in how we craft our knives has earned us a stellar reputation as one of the finest makers of survival/bushcrafting knives today.
    Our knives have been time-proven from the fields of combat to the most remote wilderness areas on earth. Due to their high level of craftsmanship & investment quality, our knives are not only favored by collectors, but will also be found in the hands of weekend woodsmen, hikers, historical re-enactors, world adventurers, professional hunters & survival/bushcrafting instructors, Search & Rescue, law enforcement & Elite Military from all over the world, & have even been seen on television & major motion picture film. 
    If you've been searching for that special knife that'll give you a lifetime of reliable service & are actually a pleasure to use, give us a try. Once you've experienced one of our knives, you'll wonder why you've deprived yourself for so long. Our knives are simply made to be some of the best in the world. They are a proven investment for collectors, dependable performers in the field, & worthy family heirlooms to be passed down to your next generation as they find their path in the forest.   
​About Our Knives
 Unless otherwise noted per individual knife description, all "BECK" branded knives come std. with the following features:

* Every knife is hand-made made exclusively by David R. Beck himself.

* Entirely crafted here in the USA at our custom knife shop using "old-School" hands-on methods, from the blade, specialized in-house heat
   treatment to the sheath. Even our saw teeth are hand cut using files. We use only the best raw materials available & compromise no detail to
   ensure the highest attention to quality, design, feel, fit & finish for the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

* The Blade: Crafted exclusively from 01 high carbon tool steel for resilience, superior edge retention & ease of sharpening in the field.
   Blade thickness is carefully selected to optimize the best combination of strength to cutting efficiency.
   Blade bevels are hand-ground & will vary from full flat, flat saber, true Scandi, modified scandi, or convex depending upon the knife's design
   & intended use. Each type has its merits & disadvantages but are selected wisely for the best strength & performance per design. Blade bevel
   types are specific to the knife model to ensure optimum performance & safety of that design, thus changes to bevel design are not an available
   customer option.  

* Heat Treatment: A true skill & art perfected here in our shop. All blades are differentially hardened & tempered "in-house" for a hard edge & soft
   back. The hardened zone follows the curvature of the edge & extends partially into the tang rather than treating the entire blade. This specialized
   heat treatment along with proper steel selection produces the perfect balance between material, method of manufacture & application to optimize 
   performance levels & also increase stress tolerance, lessening the risk of blade failure when our knives must be deployed to their upper limits of
   their intended use. This last quality demonstrates we're not only concerned about peak performance, but also take extra steps to help promote a 
   better margin of safety for the user. This is an area often neglected, but a feature that's very important to us & many of our professional clients
   who demand a knife they can count on to go the distance. 
   Note: Our differential heat treatment produces a temper line, but this is not highly visible on newly finished blades. As the blade "ages" from use 
   & develops a patina, the temper line will become more pronounced.

* All our blades are hand-honed will arrive extremely sharp & ready for the field right out of the box.

* Sharp 90 degree edges are left on areas of the spine closer to the point that falls within the tempered zone of our blades for casting a splendid
   shower of sparks from a ferro rod. The remainder of the spine being soft, & not as efficient for sparking or scraping, is lightly de-burred to be less
   abrasive on the thumb during extended carving sessions.

* Tangs: Unless otherwise stated in their description, all our knives utilize full tang construction, meaning the tang is visible all around the handle
   for strength & greater handle support. Most knives are made std. with tapered tangs which start at full thickness just forward of the handle and
   become thinner as it nears the butt. Tapered tangs improve balance, handling, control & also reduce carry weight without any compromise in
   strength. Knives which don't benefit from this feature are made w/non-tapered (full thickness) tangs to save unnecessary customer cost.

* Blade Finish: 
   Satin: Our std. finish. A fine silvery but low reflective finish. Laboriously applied by wet-sanding to 320 grit followed by hand rubbing with
              with a scotch bright pad. The easiest to maintain. Should discoloration or rust occur, simple maintenance will restore without fear of
              harming the blade.
   Blued: A combination of chemical bluing agents applied over a satin finish produces a dark blue to gray/black appearance & is available on any
               knife upon request.
   Field Grey: Similar in appearance to the "smoke-grey" finished once used on our high grade WSK knives but with a wet-sanded surface instead of
                       being hand-polished, then blued & lightly buffed to a worn, pewter-colored appearance for a more classic "aged" look.
   NOTE: None of our finishes will inhibit corrosion or staining. Oiling or waxing the blade is recommended for surface protection. All knives are
                shipped pre-coated to protect the finish while in transit. This protective coating should be removed prior to using our knives for food
                preparation but should be maintained when stored or carried in the field. 

* THE HANDLE: All our handles are permanently secured with epoxy & Loveless bolts & are guaranteed never to loosen under normal use.
   Each is ergonomically contoured for an incredibly comfortable feel & positive grip. 
   In the past we have offered many different handle materials, but today Micarta has largely become our favorite of choice & is presently the 
   only handle option for our knives, & for good reason; it not only looks nice, but its stability & durability for all environments & conditions is 
   unmatched. Micarta is virtually indestructible, requires no maintenance, & is simply the best choice for knives in the field that just cant afford
   to fail. 
   Every knife comes with your choice of Micarta which is available in several colors & can be requested with either a polished, or unpolished finish
   for a more subdued appearance & slightly less slippery grip.
   Unless otherwise noted, all knives are made std. with lined lanyard holes large enough to accommodate a "550" cord.
   Colored tang spacers are an optional add-on to any knife upon request at an extra cost. 

* THE SHEATH: All our knives come with our newer "FACS" type sheaths. These sheaths crafted from specially selected black bridle
   leather, wet-molded for a glove-like fit, double stitched with strong nylon thread, riveted in high stress areas as needed & complimented with a
   special oil/wax finish inside & out for increased durability, water resistance & long wear. Sheaths are available in right or left hand orientation
   but come in black leather only.
   These sheaths are designed with ability to have optional mounting holes added between the rows of stitching upon request (at no extra charge).
   Mounting holes provide the ability to add removable "scout" loops, a sling for optional shoulder-carry, or an accessory/tool pouch (PH1 or PH2). 
​   We can add a full series of holes or only the number you'd like to accommodate your needs. Mounting holes are finished on the inside for a clean
   *Mounting holes on a BK018 Scout "companion" knife sheath will enable it to be fastened onto the front of a WSK sheath for a 2-knife system.
   An optional fixed 3/8 x 1-1/2" ferro rod loop can be added to any sheath. These are sewn into the welting edge of the sheath & will
   accommodate most commercial ferro rods up to 3/8" dia & at least 2" long. (At this time we don't presently sell ferro rods).

* Pics, along with more details on available handle materials, sheath styles & other options can be viewed on our "WSK Knives" page.

* Customer Service: Excellent before & after-sale customer service with personal attention to all emails & phone calls by David R. Beck himself.
   Email is the best way to contact us & we try to address these nightly. If you prefer to call to speak to us in person, please be sure to leave a
   message if you want a reply. Include our name, phone#, location & the nature of your question so we can gather the information you may need
   before we return your call. If you call & hear an automated voice messaging service please try again. We can't receive those calls & our phone
   company refuses to correct that issue.    

* A 14-day money-back satisfaction guaranty & Limited Lifetime Warranty comes with all our new knives.
   (See our "Terms, Conditions & Warranty" page for complete details)

* Knife care, maintenance, use & safety info is included with every order. *For your safety, all information should be read in full prior to
   handling your new knife.

Our Vintage 1999 Catalog Cover
Our Vintage 2001 Catalog Cover
    Our Persistence in adhering to crafting our knives using more traditional "hands-on" methods has enabled us to 
 offer the kind of top-quality knives which kept customers knocking on our door. While this can be viewed as a
 good sign we're doing something right, the downside with trying to meet an ever growing demand with limited
 manufacturing capabilities can present quite a challenge for a small business. 
    The increased demand & growing waiting list found us working many extended hours & weekends trying to please
 our customers, but at the cost of valuable family time, daily stress, & constantly pushing ourselves closer to burnout
 our business began to take an unfavorable direction. We needed to make some changes to ensure we'll 
 remain in business for many years to come & can continue offer the quality of knives our customers expect. 
    With the overwhelming number of orders we received over 2015/16 which far exceeded our manufacturing
 ability & created a much longer wait time than estimated for our customers, as of March 2017 we decided to
 close our books & temporarily stop accepting any new knife orders until we can reduce our workload & shorten the
 wait time of our knives to a more reasonable time frame. 

    Given a recently conducted study to establish a more accurate picture of where stand with present orders vs.
 manufacturing time, it has been determined that at this time we believe that it won't be until January 2020 that
 we can re-open our books & resume taking new knife orders again. When we do a notice will be posted here.  
                      (Posted Dec. 21, 2017)
What does this mean, & how will this affect our customers & existing orders?
 1. We are not, nor do we have, any thought of closing our business. We simply just have far more work right now
     than we can handle which has put us far behind schedule. We will continue operating as a full-time knife shop
     but just won't be accepting any new orders until we are better able to fill requests within a more reasonable time

 2. For those who have placed orders prior to this change going into effect & are already on our waiting list, 
     you have no need to be concerned. If you can give us your patience & understanding, we will be filling every
     order request & will contact you shortly before we're ready to get started. But, understand that it may be
     significantly longer than originally estimated to get our order completed. We're doing our best.

 3. Once we reduce our waiting list to a more manageable level, we will post an update here when we resume
     accepting new knife orders again.
     We now have a more accurate calculation for the average number of orders we are able fill per year, so we
     will now be limiting the number of orders we accept each year so this situation never occurs again. Once our
     quota for orders has been filled for the year, our books will be closed until the next year arrives. This will help
     ensure our customers only need to wait months, rather than years to have their orders filled. 

 4. We will be slowing down to more reasonable work hours. This will create a longer wait time to fill existing
     orders, but by making a more enjoyable work environment & bringing the fun part back into our business as it 
     used to be, we will also be able to invest greater attention to detail thus producing higher quality products our
     customers will be more pleased with.

 5. With WSK knives being the vast majority of orders yet to be filled which can be quite physically draining
     work, we will be taking an occasional break between batches of WSK knives to work on small groups of 
     other types of knives we can offer for sale throughout the year. Instead of running a bi-annual knife sale as in
     the past, in 2018 we will begin posting finished knives as they become available. These can be viewed on the
     "Finished Knives For Sale" page of our web site which we will try to update monthly.

    Although we know these changes may present an inconvenience & displeasure for some, we are hoping the
 changes we are instituting will serve to strengthen our business & enable us to provide a better service to all our
 customers in the future. We'd like to thank everyone for your understanding & support & look forward to the time
 we can resume taking new order requests again. 
 Thank you;
 David R. Beck Knifesmith LLC 
 The catalog covers above are shown for historical reference only.
 We no longer offer copies of printed catalogs. All information on our knives is now posted on our web site.