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    ​Whether you're a novice outdoorsman or seasoned adventurer living life on the edge, your journey has just led you to some of the highest quality, field-proven  knives you can depend upon to get you to your farthest destination and back.
​(Above pic): 
Late 1990's Vintage Model "C" Gen2 TRACKER Knife
with discontinued Trademark stamping. 
Shown For Collectors Reference Only.
David R. Beck, designer & maker of the Original "TRACKER" Wilderness Survival Knife used by Benicio Del Toro in the 2003 Paramount Pictures Film "The HUNTED". 
Now referred to as the "WSK" (Wilderness Survival Knife)
The Original BECK "WSK" Knife. Copied by many, Equalled by None.
The Finest In Bushcraft, Survival & Special Purpose Cutlery For The Serious Backwoods Adventurer & Wilderness Professional.
David R. Beck Knives, proudly designed & hand-crafted in the U.S.A.
​About Us:
​About Our Knives:
Our Vintage 1999 Catalog Cover
Our Vintage 2001 Catalog Cover
*Important Update: Knife Availability & Business Changes In Effect*
 The catalog covers shown above are for historical reference only.
 We no longer offer copies of printed catalogs. All infmation on our knives is now posted on our web site.
​    Over the next couple years we will be transitioning to a new location which will present many new challenges. At this point it's uncertain to what extent, or how, this will affect out business. To better prepare, we must institute changes in how we conduct business & offer our knives for sale. In addition, over the years our business has been very life-consuming. With personal & family time becoming more valuable, our new business practices are designed to make manufacturing time more efficient & lessen our work load to address this need.
At this time the following changes to our business are now in effect:

​     Orders accepted prior to this change will still be completed. Customers will be contacted shortly before we're ready
     to get started to confirm details. All knife model & option info will remain up on our web site to assist customers
     with any last minute decisions before we get started.
     Once all pre-existing orders are filled & our waiting list eliminated, those knife info pages will be deleted.

     Knives that are finished & available for immediate purchase will be listed on our "Finished Knives For Sale" page.
     Availability of finished knives will be limited during 2022 as most of our focus will be on filling re-existing orders,
     but we will continue to list more knives as able.
     By mid-2023, all pre-existing orders will be completed & the number of finished knives for sale will increase with
     new listings being added monthly. Upcoming knife models to be offered net will also be listed.
     Future listings cannot be reserved in advance, but will be sold on a "first-come-first-serve" basis to give everyone a
     fair chance. Tracker/WSK knives should also start to become available to purchase at that time.
     Suggestions for future knife listings are welcome. If enough requests are received a batch may be produced for a
     future listing.

      Ongoing problems with all parcel carriers & changing regulations have made it impossible for us to guaranty safe
      delivery of foreign shipments. We are can no longer able to take responsibility, nor can afford, to offer replacement
      or refund for lost/stolen/confiscated or damaged merchandise shipped abroad. Until this situation improves, we
      WILL NOT ship to any destination outside of the USA. Foreign customers are welcome, but must provide a
      mailing address & phone number of a recipient in the USA willing to accept responsibility for delivery.    

*Upon purchase, buyers willfully declare they are of at least 18 years of age, & are under no restrictions in their
  area, or otherwise, prohibiting the legal purchase of any items in their transaction with David R. Beck Knifesmith
  LLC. Refer to the "Terms, Conditions & Warranty" page of our web site for any additional information which may
    We are a small, full-time knife shop who specialize in hand-crafting professional-grade cutting tools for outdoorsmen.
Our original knife shop first opened in 1991 making knives primarily for historical re-enactors & the survival/bush craft community. 
    David R. Beck, owner & sole craftsman, is a trained machinist/toolmaker, self-taught knife smith with over 40-years making custom knives, & a life-long student of primitive survival living/bush craft skills. Over the years, Dave has worked closely with top survival experts, elite military & accomplished woodsmen from around the world to develop  knives that meet the quality & performance standards required by professional users. Dave's combined experience in the field & knife shop forged an intimate understanding of  knife design, ergonomics, materials, & manufacturing methods essential for crafting tools that excel in wilderness settings, earning us a solid reputation as a maker of knives that can be trusted to get you to your farthest destination & back with confidence.  Our clients range from military, law enforcement, first responders, professional hunters, world-adventurers & everyday outdoorsmen, to the major movie industry & reality survival TV shows.  
    Whether you're searching for a knife for your next deployment, survival, camp or trail use, or just want something special to carry on your next moose hunt, our knives will get the job done & serve you with a lifetime of dependable performance. Once experienced, you'll wonder why you deprived yourself for so long. If you're ready to experience the difference a high quality knife can deliver to your wilderness adventures, give us a try. 
    David R. Beck personally fabricates every knife & sheath. Made entirely by hand right here in the USA, we only use the best of materials & most basic of tools, combined with a level of hands-on craftsmanship refined over many years of experience. Nothing is outsourced or mass-produced with every stage of the knife & sheath-making process completed "in-house". Our knives have a comfortable feel & field-proven features  ensuring every knife will exceed your expectations & be a pleasure to use all day long.
    Although best known as the actual designer/maker of the original "TRACKER" Wilderness Survival Knife (Model "C" Gen1 WSK) used by Benicio Del Toro in the 2003 Paramount Pictures film The "HUNTED", Dave's focus today is mainly producing rugged work knives crafted with differentially hardened/tempered 01 high carbon steel blades, Micarta handles & molded leather sheaths that are more practical for everyday camp, trail & survival use. 
Although we are again making higher grade knives utilizing specialty materials, manufacturing processes & fancier accents, our customers can be thrilled to know that all our std. "field-grade" knives equal the same high quality & performance as our more expensive knives.
*All knives come with a 5-day money-back satisfaction guaranty & Limited Lifetime Warranty.
*NOTICE: We are no longer accepting orders for knives listed on our "Custom Knife Line" & "WSK Knives" pages.
                    See our Important Update below for more details.
                    Refer to our "Finished Knives For Sale" page to view details on knives we have available for sale.
                    Questions are welcomed & should be directed to our email address at: drbeckknives@comcast.net.
Our Knives: